Research Scientist, Flatiron Institute, New York                                           


Professor, Department of Mathematics, Université Paris-Nord (Université Sorbonne Paris-Nord, new label),  Villetaneuse, 09/94-11/23

Visiting Professor, Courant Institute, New York University, New York, 09/14-09/22

Membre Senior, Institut Universitaire de France, Paris,

Habilitation à diriger des recherches, Université Paris 6,  06/89

Ph.D., Stanford University, 06/82

Ingénieur Civil des Ponts et Chaussées, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, 06/78

                                Former Students
Blaise Bourdin, 12/98: currently Professor,  Mc Master University

Jean-François Babadjian, 10/05:  currently Professor, Université Paris-Sud  (Université Paris-Saclay, new label)


Prix Thématique Paul Doistau-Emile Blutet, French Academy of Sciences (jointly with J.-J. Marigo), 04/02

Plenary Speaker GAMM 2010, ICIAM 2011

                                            Editorial Board

Annales Institut Henri Poincaré, Analyse Non Linéaire

Applied Mathematics Research Express (defunct)
Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems (honorary)

co-PI: NSF Grant DMS/DEMREF-1922371 “Elastomers Filled with Electro- and Magneto-Active Fluid Inclusions: A New Paradigm for Soft Active Materials” with PI: O. Lopez-Pamiès, co-PI's: I. Chiasiotis, UIUC, Z. Ouaines
Penn State

co-PI: NSF Grant DMS-1615839 “Fracture in Soft Organic Solids -The Variational View”. with PI: O. Lopez-Pamiès,
UIUC, co-PI: M. Shelley, NYU


Detailed CV  


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