(only those conferences where I gave a presentation
are listed below

09. 6-ème Congrès francais de mécanique, Lyon, France.

07. International Conference on Numerical Methods for Transient and Coupled Problems, Venezia, Italy.

01. Symposium on Energy Release Rates and Path Independent Integrals in Defect and Fracture Mechanics, Bad Honnef, Germany.
10. Workshop on Semi-group Theory, International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy.

07. Symposium on Non-Classical Continuum Mechanics: Abstract Techniques and Applications, Durham, UK.
09. IUTAM Symposium on Thermo-mechanical Coupling in Solids, Paris, France.

12.  SIAM Conference on Random Media, Leesburg, USA.

01. Workshop on Composite Media and Homogenization Theory, Trieste, Italy.
03. Mécamat, Evian, France.
06. Mathematical Problems in Non Linear Elasticity, Oberwolfach, Germany.
12.  Problèmes non linéaires appliqués, Ecole CEA-EDF-INRIA, Clamart, France.

01.  P.D.E. Conference on Homogenization, Berkeley, USA.
06. First European Conference on Elliptic and Parabolic Problems, Pont-å-Mousson, France.

06.  Topology Design of Structures, Sesimbra, Portugal.

06. CIRM meeting on Calculus of Variations, Homogenization and Continuum Mechanics, Luminy, France.

02. North American Conference on Smart Structures and Materials, Orlando, USA.
04 SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Materials, Pittsburgh, USA.

02. Eurhomogenization Conference, Madrid, Spain.
03. Workshop on Shape Optimization, Saint Etienne, France.
06. Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear Elasticity, Cortona, Italy.
06. Conference on Dynamics of Microstructures, Hanover, Germany.
07. Mini-symposium on Shape Optimization, ICIAM 95, Hamburg, Germany.
07. Conference on Optimal Design, Banach Center, Warsaw, Poland.
08. Conference on Structural Optimization, Salt Lake City, USA.

06. Workshop on Interface and Thin Films, IMA, Minneapolis, USA.

03. IUTAM Symposium on Composites/Active Materials, Cairo, Egypt.
05. Second SIAM Conference on the Mathematical Aspects of Material Science, Philadelphia, USA.
06. Conference on Mathematical Continuum Mechanics, Oberwolfach, Germany.
07.  School on Shape Optimization, CEMRACS, Orsay, France.
09. Summer School on the Mathematics of Materials, CIM, Coimbra, Portugal.
09. Multiscale II, Leipzig, Germany.

05. Plenary Conference, Congrès National d’Analyse Numérique 1998, Arles, France.

04. GAMM 99, Metz, France.
06. CIRM meeting on Shape Optimization, Luminy, France.
10. Workshop on Mathematical developments in solid mechanics and materials science, Isaac Newton Institute,
Cambridge, UK.

07. Euroconference on New Mathematical Methods in Continuum Mechanics, Anogia, Greece.
10. Symposium on Continuous Damage and Fracture, Cachan, France.

02. Workshop on Variational Methods beyond Elasticity, Leipzig, Germany.
06. First CSMA-GIMC Workshop on Modern Issues in Modelling and Computation of Damage and Failure, Cefalu, Italy.
07. School on Multi-Scale Problems, CEMRACS, Orsay, France.
12. School on Multiple Scales, Rome, Italy.

01. Course on Brittle Fracture, SISSA, Trieste, Italy.
07. CIRM meeting on Shape Optimization, Luminy, France.
08. Recent Developments in Modelling Rupture, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil.
09. Workshop: P.D.E.’s and Materials, Oberwolfach, Germany.
10. Workshop on Homogenization, Orléans, France.

01. Third GAMM on Microstuctures, Stuttgart, Germany.
06. Midnight Sun Homogenization Conference, Narvik, Norway.
08. ICTAM04, Warsaw, Poland.
09. Variational Methods in Materials Science, Trieste, Italy.
09. Homogenization and Shape Optimization, Lisbon, Portugal.
12. Workshop: Thermodynamische Materialtheorien, Oberwolfach, Germany.

05. Mathematical Modeling in Continuum Mechanics, Alghero, Italy.
05. Equations aux dérivées partielles non-linéaires, Tipaza, Algeria.
09. Workshop on thin structures, Napoli, Italy.
10. Society for Natural Philosophy Meeting, Bari, Italy.
10. Workshop on the Calculus of Variations, Pittsburgh, USA.
10. AMS Sectional Meeting, Lincoln, USA.
11. Miniworkshop: Analysis and Computation of Microstructures in Finite Plasticity, Oberwolfach, Germany.

02. Modelling and analysis of phase transitions, Pisa, Italy.
05. VIII Congresso SIMAI, Ragusa, Italy.
07. SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations, Boston, USA.
10. Workshop on Variational methods in Material Science, Pisa, Italy.

01. AMS Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA.
07. Thermomechanical Modeling of Solids, Palaiseau, France.
10. SES 2007, College Station, USA.
11. Workshop on Rate-Independence, Homogenization and Multiscaling, Pisa, Italy.

01. Singularities in Mechanics: formation, propagation and microscopic description, Centre Emile Borel, Paris, France.
02. Fracture and Damage : Formation and propagation of singularities in continuum mechanics, Winter School, Institut
Henri Poincaré, Paris, France
05. SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science, Philadelphia, USA.
06. Workshop on Geometric Analysis, Elasticity, and PDE on the 60th Birthday of John Ball, Edinburgh, Scotland
09.  IUTAM Symposium on Progress in the Theory and Numerics of Configurational Mechanics, Erlangen, Germany

06. LMS–EPSRC Short Course on the Mathematics of Materials, Oxmos, Oxford University, Oxford, UK.
09. Homogenization and Optimal Design, Sevilla, Spain.
12. SIAM Conference on Analysis of PDE’s, Miami, USA.

01. New Developments in Elasticity, the Legacy of Robert Hooke, Oxford, UK.
02. Motions of Interfaces and Nonlinear P.D.E.’s, Tours, France
03. GAMM 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany (plenary)
05. SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science, Piladelphia, USA.
07. Variational Models and Methods in Solid and Fluid Mechanics, CISM, Udine, Italy.
08. Ecole Thématique 2010, GDR Chant: Enjeux de Modélisation et Analyse Liés aux Problèmes de Surfaces
Rugueuses et de Défauts, Wolfgang Pauli Institute, Wien, Austria.
08. Rate-independent systems: Modeling, Analysis, and Computations, Banff International Research Station Workshop, Banff, Canada
09. Stability and Nonlinear Solid Mechanics, Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, France.

07. School “Mechanics of Fractures and Second Gradient Theory”, M&Mocs, La Cisterna, Italia.
07. ICIAM 2011, Vancouver, Canada (plenary)
12. Workshop: Variational Methods for Evolution, Oberwolfach, Germany.

03. Workshop: Mechanics of Materials, Oberwolfach, Germany.
06. Variational Problems with Multiple Scales, Otranto, Italy.
07. Exotic Structures and Homogenization, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
09. Evolution Problems in Damage, Plasticity and Fracture, Udine, Italy.

02. 12th GAMM Seminar on Microstructures, Berlin, Germany.
04. Evolution Problems in Fracture Mechanics, SISSA, Trieste, Italy
05. PACAM XIII, Houston, USA.
06. SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science, Philadelphia, USA.
06. 15 ème Rencontres Mathématiques de Rouen, Rouen, France.
09. International Conference on Nonlinear and Multiscale Partial Differential Equations: Theory, Numerics and
Applications, Shanghai, China.
09. Evolution Problems for Material Defects: Dislocations, Plasticity, and Fracture, Trieste, Italy.
11. School: “ Multi-scale and Multi-field Representations of Condensed Matter Behavior “, Pisa, Italy.
12. Workshop: Material Theories, Oberwolfach, Germany.

06. International Symposium on Length Scale in Solid Mechanics: Mathematical and Physical Aspects, Paris, France.
09. School: “Analyse Variationnelle et Microstructuration, 3ème école d’été de mécanique”, Quiberon, France.
12. Workshop: Variational Methods for Evolution, Oberwolfach, Germany.

01. 14th GAMM Seminar on Microstructures, Regensburg, Germany.
05. Variational Methods for Plasticity and Dislocations, Trieste, Italy.
05. PACAM XV, Champaign, USA.
12. Workshop Calculus of Variations and its Applications on the 65th birthday of Luisa Mascarenhas, Caparica, Portugal.

05. Workshop: New Challenges in the Calculus of Variations in honor of the 60th birthday of Irene Fonseca, Montreal, Canada.
06. Workshop: Advances in the Mathematical Analysis of Material Defects in Elastic Solids, SISSA, Trieste, Italy.
06. Workshop: Entropy methods, dissipative systems and applications, Schrödinger Institute, Vienna, Austria.

01. 16th GAMM Seminar on Microstructures, Dortmund, Germany
07. Workshop on Multiscale Problems and Relaxation in Nonlinear Elasticity, Dresden, Germany.
07. Workshop: Material Theories, Oberwolfach, Germany.
08. School: Free discontinuity problems and applications in fracture mechanics, Research Summer School, Ningbo, China.

02. Workshop: Variational Methods for Inelastic Solids, Oberwolfach, Germany.
06. Celebrating Approximate 60s, Shanghai, China.
06. Free boundary, Free Discontinuity Problems and Applications, Ningbo, China.
08. New Trends in the Variational Modeling of Failure Phenomena,  Shrödinger Institute, Vienna, Austria.
11. Rencontres Franco-Tchèques de mathématiques, Lyon, France.

01. Joint Mathematics Meeting, AMS Special Session on Multiscale Problems in the Calculus of Variations, Baltimore, USA. 

01. Calculus of Variations and Applications, on the occasion of
Gianni Dal Maso's 65th birthday, Trieste, Italy.
03. Workshop: Mechanics of Materials, Oberwolfach, Germany.
03. Fracture across Scales: 2nd Visitors Workshop, Marloffstein, Germany

03. Workshop: Homogenization Theory: Periodic and Beyond, Oberwolfach, Germany

02. Free Boundary Problems and Related Evolution Equations, ESI, Vienna, Austria
04. Polycrystals: Microstructure and Plasticity, ICMS, Edinburgh, UK
05. CalcVar21, Carthage, Tunisia
06. 20 years of Summer Schools on CalcVar in Rome, Rome, Italy.
06. Analysis, PDEs and Applications. Celebrating 60th anniversary of professor Nenad Antonić,  Dubrovnik,
11. Applied Analysis: a celebration of the science of Bob Kohn,
New York, USA.

04. Compensated Compactness and Applications to Materials, BIRS Workshop, Banff, Canada.
09. Variational Models for Material Failure, FAU Erlangen, Germany.
10. Variational and Geometric Structures for Evolution, Levico, Italy.
11. New Trends in Homogenization, Roscoff, France.

01. 23rd GAMM Seminar on Microstructures, Bochum, Germany
02. Workshop: Differential Inclusions and Continuum Mechanics, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
03. Measures and Materials, Warwick, United Kingdom.

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